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I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, starting off as a stand-up comedian, actor and theatre director in Tokyo, Japan. I then studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and worked as an actor there for six years, returning to London in 2001 to act, coach and teach.

​I coach actors, directors, writers, producers, singers, and production companies as well as the odd publisher and yoga instructor. I teach privately as well as in venerable institutions around the globe and here in London at the Actors Centre, the Guildhall, London Actors Workshop and Drama Studio London. I also run presentation skills, assertiveness and personal impact training workshops for corporates.

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Before entering a career in the entertainment industry, I was a divisional manager for a large office automation multinational with responsibility for sales, marketing and operations. Since leaving this corporate world, in around 20 or so years I have acted in well over one hundred films, TV shows, plays, commercials and various voice roles in London, New York City, Tokyo and all around the world.

​I am a former board member of Player Playwrights and founder member of the Actors Screen Collective, London as well as being an associate director of Spoken Word Ltd. This is on top of running my own coaching business, teaching and running corporate workshops.

​With my experience in the entertainment industry and the corporate world, I have developed a unique combination and understanding of show and business. I have an insight into what makes people tick, the intricacies of being self-employed, not knowing where your next job is coming from, feast or famine, the huge expectations and pressures that we place on ourselves and that others place on us. I understand constant change, that we are only as good as our next performance, the complexity of relationships and the fear of being found out.


CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) - Coaches Training Institute

Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals – CRR

Certificate of Distinction from The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute New York

BA (Honours) in Business from Middlesex University

"I have benefited greatly from collaborating with Daniel. He has challenged me to grow and has introduced me to a world of exciting new possibilies!"

David Ajala (Star Trek:Discovery, Supergirl, Jupiter Acending, Fast and Furious 6, Nightfliers etc)

"Daniel is an excellent coach who, as well as being experienced and hugely knowledgably, is also sensitive to your needs as a professional. My tool kit was expanded immeasurably and I felt confident and prepared when I started work on a role in a continuing TV drama."

Andi Osho (Line of Duty, Curfew, Kiri, Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Holby City)


“I have been lucky enough to know and work with Daniel for the past 15 years in both New York and London. His abilities to assess a situation and to problem manage are extraordinary;  and his advice, both personal and professional, is invaluable.”

Sean Power (Lead Balloon, Night of the Iguana, Doctors, Secret Diary of a Call Girl)

"Daniel helped me see that even my wildest dreams were true possibilities. He gave me the tools needed to take small steps towards my goals and realize that everything was and is at my fingertips."

Hannah James (Mercy Street, Outlander)

"When I first went to Daniel I felt lost. My self-esteem was very low and I had no idea how to pull myself out of the hole I felt I was in.

With his direct but gentle approach, I found it really easy to be totally open and honest from the beginning. In no time at all, Daniel had given me the tools and the confidence to replace the negativity and lack of direction with positivity and empowerment.

With his expertise and guidance I feel able to recognise and address those feelings as soon as they occur again. Thank you so much!"

Caroline Deverill (Mamma Mia, This Little Life of Mine, The Mistress Cycle)

“Daniel has a great ability to simplify and compartmentalise what aids us and inhibits us and helps you to ‘cheat’ the mind by focusing on the ally and relegating the enemy to cold storage. It can be a bit scary, but good scary; like base jumping.”

Sankar Jayaraman (Film Director)

“Since working with Daniel I feel like I finally know what I’m doing with my life! He has helped me realise who I am as a person and what I want to achieve with my career. He has guided me onto a much clearer, more focused, healthier and more positive pathway to reaching my full potential. I feel happier and more positive than I have in years.”

Lauren Samuels (Bend it Like Beckham Love Story, Romantics Anonymous, Waterbabies)


Clients include high profile and up-and-coming performers,  producers, directors, editors and writers.

“I have been working with Daniel on and off for the last seven years, and I can whole-heartedly say that the work we’ve done has changed my life. All the goals and milestones I’d set when our sessions first begun have either been fully achieved or furthered into new goals and action points. Rather than telling you how to do things, Daniel pushes you to a place where you are making discoveries yourself.

Whether working directly with him, working on your homework -yes there is homework, and you’ll love it-, or just going about life, you become truly aware of just how much of your destiny is in your own hands. To me, that is a coach.

Over the years, Daniel has consistently pushed me out of my comfort zone into the place where I know true growth lies, to the point that I look forward to new obstacles, because that tells me we have worked past the old. As both an artist and a human being, investing in personal growth is crucial to thriving in the respective worlds and the challenges they present; Daniel is THE guy to conquer these with. Everything we have worked on in my career has transcended into my life, and right back again. You’ll only wish you didn’t work with him sooner."


Abiola Ogunbiyi  (Jamestown, Girls, Book of Mormon)

"With Daniel’s help and guidance, I have completely and fundamentally changed the way I view myself and the industry. I had lost my way and become stuck in negative thought patterns which was impacting on every aspect of my career, but by working through his book , ' A Life Coaching Approach to Screen Acting', and with regular, insightful (and sometimes very amusing) conversations, Daniel has given me fresh perspective, new direction and introduced me to my 'Captain', a genuine, 'Aha' moment in my life!
I now feel better equipped to deal with auditions, my agent and most importantly periods of unemployment.
Thank you Mr Dresner, I am very grateful to have met you. READ THE BOOK! You won’t regret it.

Emma Stansfield (Jimmy Mc Govern's Accused, Endeavour, The Tudors, Salisbury)


“Before working with Daniel, I saw my goal of writing and recording a solo album as a huge mountain I had to climb and it was so debilitating. I found myself continually frustrated with my efforts and was extremely critical of any progress I did make. During our sessions together, we charted a plan, crafted the techniques to move out of immobilization and then focused on the skills needed to maintain momentum. In other words, together we climbed the mountain! I am finally writing again. I am finally singing again. I am now producing my own music. And the best part is I love what I am creating. Working with Daniel gave me the structure I had been lacking and the inspiration I thought I had lost. He’s got a unique style, a fresh perspective and an incredibly creative approach. If you are trying to climb your mountain, Daniel is a fantastic guide.”

Lola Morales (Singer / Songwriter / Producer)

“Thank you, thank you! Very helpful session and excited about the next!”

Caroline Wildi (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, An Inspector Calls, That Face)

“Thanks for yesterday Daniel. Never felt more alive than right now. Magic. Speak soon."

Randall Lyon (Actor / Writer / Director)

Life has changed completely and I know what I want to do thanks to you :) looking forward to the next chapter...

Liv Edmunds (Producer and Executive Director - The Machine)

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