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Combining life-coaching and screen-acting tools and techniques in one accessible handbook, this guide empowers actors to overcome personal inhibitions and approach their work, characters and careers with the assuredness to produce powerful, real and believable acting on screen.


“Daniel Dresner sets out to offer the student of film acting valuable support both as a fledgling artist and as a person in his book A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting. I can report that he succeeds … A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting is an excellent guide to truly important fundamental life skills. Life skills such as identifying your values, understanding what fulfillment means to you, how to avoid Imposter Syndrome, how to avoid perfectionism, are grouped with 'knowing yourself,' which most film people would call 'knowing your type' in the first part … These subjects are treated carefully and well, and then backed up with plenty of exercises. They are also reinforced with links to brief, pithy learning videos created with The Actors Centre. You can read about the work, do the exercise yourself, and watch Daniel Dresner work with students on the same material. This all adds up to an excellent resource for developing confidence in oneself and in the work. It also makes it easy to see why Daniel Dresner is considered a top private acting coach and teacher.” –  Theatre Library Association

"Such an inspiring book full of practical tools and advice to "get out of your own way" and give you the confidence to fulfil your potential as an actor but also just in everyday life. Highly recommend for every actor at any stage of their career." - Claire Marie Doyle - singer, actor, model 

"There is such extraordinary power to be found in your craft and own personal development when you 'Get out of your own way' and no other book on acting shows you how to do it better than this. Even if you struggle there are handy online tutorials to access so it all becomes clearer. If you are serious about making shifts forward in your career and craft I highly recommend this book." 

"Great book - inspires and guides in a very readable way"

“"Know Thyself” proclaims the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and “Be Thyself” responds Oscar Wilde, many centuries later. It is with masterful insight that Daniel Dresner connects these simple but profound directives and brilliantly draws his revelatory parallel with well-being and the craft of screen acting.” –  Philip Wolff - Head of screen acting at the International School of Screen Acting

“This original and timely book introduces the benefits of life-coaching to the stressful and uncertain lives of many actors, especially those who perform on a screen.” –  Michael Ferguson - television producer, director scriptwriter and teacher

“This book not only transformed my approach to acting, it transformed my approach to life. Full of refreshing techniques that allowed me to simply get out of my own way and truly be the very best I can be. Written in a way that is extremely easy to take in and apply, a powerful tool that I will be using on every project I'm involved with.” –  Daniel de Bourg - actor, singer and songwriter

"I highly recommend this book and Daniel Dresner’s coaching services." - Terri Skrzypek - entertainer

"Dan is a great guy. This book and going to his acting classes renewed my confidence in my skills as an actor by cutting through the nonsense that most actors surround themselves in. It’s easy to digest and it’s also practical, including things you can start using straight away!" 

"First the declarations of interest. The author is my life coach, and my life has been much changed as a result - for the better, I hasten to add. The book does not appear as a verified purchase because I bought it at an excellent discount at the launch.So far I have read the book twice. There is an enormous amount of valuable advice in it, which I have no doubt will repay further readings and PRACTICE for which there are helpful resources in the book and online.Every actor should own a copy of this book imo." 

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