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If you are already successful but ready for more, or know you have something special to share but have difficulty identifying, moving or putting it across to others, life coaching could be for you.

Take control of yourself, your career, your relationships and every other part of your life. Get unstuck, find clarity and move forwards. Decide where you want to go, how to get there and by when. Live a fulfilled life, be more dynamic, effective, efficient and content. Make more money, get to the real you and identify what you want from life.

Make your movie, write your book, change career, manage teams, find love and discover who you really are.

Coaching can take place on a one-to- one basis or in a group, in person, on the phone or by Skype.


Ensuring that your actors are ready to go whenever and whatever, I keep them
focused and ready to work and maintain a guaranteed and consistent performance.

Particularly useful for casts where you may not be able to focus on your actors as
much as you or they may wish.


If your clients are consistently getting down to the last few but not booking I can help them discover why and increase their chances.

Life coaching can relieve the pressures actors encounter and acting coaching can then help them with their performances; whether for a specific role, audition or just generally.


Focused and intense audition preparation includes work on the script as well as your frame of mind going in and coming out.


Have that extra confidence and focus on set. Working with your director and the production, I will ensure that you get ready and stay ready throughout the process.


If you are just starting out and don’t quite know what to do or have experience but need a sounding board.


The best actors in the world have acting coaches.

Once you have the part you will want to do the best job possible with the time you have available. My proven techniques will help you find the truth in the script and make the people, places and events real to you and the viewer.

Having worked with hundreds of actors, I understand the pressures of the rehearsal room, stage and set and the actor out alone and part of an ensemble.


Is everyone in your team aligned? Are they pulling in the same direction to the best of their abilities? Are they fulfilled inside and outside work? Are individual, team and company values compatible? Are their goals? Is there room to make good great?


Transform your own presentation skills and transform the lives of those you present to. The ability to effectively present your ideas is an invaluable way of gaining and retaining customers as well as communicating your vision and expressing your ideas to your colleagues.


Presenting is recognised as being one of the most important business skills but this importance may add to the pressure and an increasing sense of exposure.


Some people seem to be naturals with a sense of ease, charisma and effectiveness. You are transfixed by them and by their message and want to be convinced by them. You don’t even have to like them but you want to follow them. This confidence and effectiveness can be learned, practised and developed. You too can deliver powerful, dynamic and effective presentations.

My approach is hands-on and practical. Presentations will be filmed and critiqued in a positive and encouraging environment. The presenters will take away a simple tool kit and will look forward to giving focused, dynamic and effective presentations every time.

Life Coaching
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